The Lowdown on Starting a Small Business While You’re Still in College

The Lowdown on Starting a Small Business While You’re Still in College

There are many business colleges where you can learn how to get started on your small business while in college. You can use what you learn in class to build your startup.

However, you can start a business in college no matter where you attend. Entrepreneurship is hard work. You might not find the time needed is worth it, especially considering your studies. Yet, many people do balance their time, and start successful businesses while college students.

Help is Everywhere

If you attend New York University and have a great idea for a business venture, you don’t have to wait until after graduation. In fact, it might be better to start now. Professors are usually happy to help and provide advice and counseling.

There are plenty of computers to use, and the Internet connections are fast. You can even test your ideas out on other students. They’ll provide immediate feedback on whether they like your product or not. They can be your first customers.

Low Risk, High Reward

There is some risk with starting a small business in college, but not as high as if you do it later. You can still focus on school if the idea fails. There’s also little to lose at this time. You probably don’t have much money or own any property. The only way is up. If the business starts to profit, then you can build from there later.

Plentiful Resources at Your Disposal

Anyone can set up a website. You may not be into computer programming, but popular tools including WordPress can enable you to customize templates and add content anyway. You will pay a fee for domain names and hosting. Sometimes you can even find free options. A website is a crucial part of starting a business because virtually everyone in the world can see what you’re doing and be potential customers.

There are also entities out there looking for budding entrepreneurs. Local programs and awards are probably advertised somewhere on campus. Faculty in the business department may know of programs and grants you can pursue. Events of a competitive nature may be accessible at the school. Entering a competition to pitch your business plan may yield opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Your fellow peers, classmates, and roommates constitute an accessible audience. If you are ready to start a business and have an idea, apply your proactive side and see where things go. It may be UAB offers a masters in MIS degree you long for. Launching a small business can be a plus no matter where you end up. Even if it doesn’t last, you tried, gained skills employers may be looking for and learned from the experience for your next try.

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