How to Start a Small Business During College

How to Start a Small Business During College

You don’t need a ton of money or a large office to get a small business off the ground. In fact, if you have an idea and the ambition to see it through you could start that small business in college right from your dorm room. If you have the next big product or innovative service in mind, there’s no use in hiding it from the world, start making money off your big idea now while you’re still attending classes at Binghamton University. This doesn’t have to be intimidating. Many of the most famous brands in the world began in a college dorm room. You can be among them by just following some of these helpful hints to success.

The Business Plan

Every business, big or small, starts with a defined plan. This is the blueprint for your new venture, outlining all of the particulars and essentials that are critical to building your endeavor from the ground up. It includes the obvious facets such as the product or service that you will be providing to your potential customers. But the best plans go further, outlining every last detail as explicit and thoroughly as possible from basic start-up costs to marketing and production expenses. Think of it this way, you’re likely going to be seeking out investors to help get your business up and running, your business plan should be able to answer every question they may have before they decide to give you that money.


This is important because you want to get some opinions and guidance on your plan, how it reads, and perhaps even help you decide if this type of business is even a prudent idea in the first place. Since you’re on a college campus you have a wealth of resources at your disposal. Talk to the faculty and even local business owners who have paved the way ahead of you in establishing small businesses in the area. This can also help you establish yourself through networking which is a handy skill to learn for anyone going to school in order to position themselves for landing jobs with a sports management degree.

Do Your Research

Before you pull the trigger on going into business for yourself at college, it’s a good idea to research what kind of demand there is in the marketplace for the product or service you’re prepared to offer. Ascertain what kind of competition you may be up against or find out if other entrepreneurs tried to offer a similar product or service in your area and see how they fared. What makes your item different and how does it affect your ability to produce and market it properly? These are just a few of the factors to consider as you prepare your business plan.


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