How To Say Praise And Expose Weaknesses With Smart

How To Say Praise And Expose Weaknesses With Smart

Compliments is a token of appreciation from one person to another. Although small, praise believed to increase a person’s spirit and motivation to be better. Indirectly, it is influential enough tablets for the survival of your career. If you grow morale after being praised not it will pave your career? Check this tips from Fottie.

Furthermore, compliments also have an impact on increasing the quality of better relationships with others are praised. But, although most people like to be praised, praise should not be thrown randomly. If you do not know the technique of praise, it can make people uncomfortable to hear. Well below are the things you should consider if it would like to commend:


If you give praise, try to put it clearer and more specific. A phrase like “How good you cope with clients that …” certainly more meaningful than “Nice work,” which sounds like a preamble. Moreover compliment clear also make the recipient aware of where things are good and which one is not better than him.


People will know which compliment the preamble and where a sincere compliment. If you already know the work of your colleagues mediocre, do not need you to say that his work is nice. Remember, praised also have to use reason. If suddenly you praise someone when there was no single thing that needs to be praised, praise you sounded very preamble. Praise the work of a person if his work is really good.

Do Not Compare Yourself

In giving praise, do not mix it up with the flaws in yourself. For example, “You are creative yea, the work you’re nice, not like me ..”. This compliment was impressed just to compare the excess with your shortcomings. Better, talk about your complaint separately. Praise be asking yourself along with your complaint will only lead to feelings of guilt for the recipient.

Do Not Compare With Others

In addition to do not compare with yourself, try not to compare with others. This sounds unwise. Better you praise without the need to mix up with the shortcomings of others. Because the kind of praise that was impressive, in addition to good praise, you are also good at denouncing.

Say It With A Reasonable

Say compliment with a reasonable and candid. Compliment posed too enthusiastic and will eliminate redundant genuine impression.

Mechanical catapult this praise applies to anybody, whether to friends, family, girlfriend, including the boss. Remember tablets, do not praise the hopes of getting a compliment back. It’s just the same boong, your praise is not at all sincere. After all of your sincerity in praising the sincerity reflects your attitude everyday.

Talking about the shortage of yourself is far more difficult than discussing the weaknesses of others. Hence, it is understandable if you are confused when asked to reveal weaknesses in a job interview. You may think, when talking about shortcomings will only hurt yourself. Then how should explain the weakness of yourself?

Disclose and explain the weakness of self is not always detrimental. Originally you could pack in shades positive conversation, you reveal weaknesses that might attract the sympathy of the interviewer. Remember, do not ever lie by saying, “I do not have any of the drawbacks ..”. Speech of this kind is obviously wrong. Because anyone in this world, no one is perfect. Moreover, these words seem very arrogant. Remember, the most fatal weakness even if you are not aware of their own weaknesses.

So, if you are asked to reveal weakness, expressed clearly. But of course you have to be very clever to sort out which weaknesses can be strengths and weaknesses which need not be disclosed. Weaknesses like grumpy, lazy and spoiled are weaknesses that need not be disclosed. So what, then the weakness could be a force?

Below are some examples of weaknesses that can be a strength:

  • “If it works I often lose track of time. Even if the work more fun, I also like to forget lunch.
  • “I’m too firmly against myself, so I can not forgive if I make a mistake.
  • “I’m not a person who knows and master all fields. But I am a person who always wanted to learn. I learned quickly to master a particular field .. “

If you can formulate a proper sentence, the interviewer can detect the direction of your conversation. He will easily know the advantages behind the lack of which you mentioned. Do not forget after revealing weakness, accompanied by saying “I am not a person covered by the change. Recognizing this weakness I could change toward the better “.

Your intelligence to manage sentences in addressing the weaknesses is a separate point for you. In essence, whatever your weakness, expressed positively as well as intelligent. Because basically, the question of weakness, not merely to find out negative things about you, but to know the views and your assessment of yourself.

Well, even if expose weaknesses, make the interviewer think a thousand times to reject you. Happy interview! :).

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