Flowers and cake a great combination they make!

Flowers and cake a great combination they make!

There is a thin line between gifting flowers to loved ones and getting creative while doing so. With the necessity of being creative and unique bagging importance in today’s times more than it ever did, everyone asks for more. More in terms of a unique customer experience, more delight and finally more class. However, very few realize, that creativity often sparks from within, and class cannot be always bought with money. A little experimenting goes a long way, and delighting loved ones with unique ideas that transform evergreen yet common gifts like flowers and cakes having more meaning is definitely the way to go!

When it comes to more, no other city comes close to what the Capital city of India, Delhi offers and expects. From the young vibrant crowd to the traditional golden oldies, everyone looks for a great ideas and more delight in gifting.

Here are some unique, romantic and creative combinations for those looking for zingy online flowers delivery in Delhi coupled with great Gifts.

  1. The romantic chocolaty bunch

Thinking of gifting flowers to a loved one? Combine a chocolate truffle cake with a perfect bunch of long stemmed deep red roses. Chocolate and roses are an evergreen romantic combination that will exude love, romance and passion in gifting.

  1. Adding sunshine to friendship

When it comes to selecting chocolates and flower for friends, one should opt for colors and flowers that signify friendship. Teeming a delicious mango cake with matching yellow carnations, gerberas or roses, or contrasting the cake with orange gerberas or birds of paradise flowers are perfect for gifting friends.

  1. Strawberry sweetness

Strawberry cakes, especially in the season of strawberries are an absolutely delicious delight. While gifting a strawberry flavored cake, a bunch of pure white lilies, white chrysanthemums or white gladiolus flowers match very well. Chrysanthemums signify cheerfulness and abundance and are great at lighting up a dear ones mood!

  1. Creamy goodness

Looking for a flowers and cake combination for someone who loves creamy pineapple cakes? Match the pineapple cake with flowers such as the feminine calla lily or the innocent daisy in colors of white and yellow.

  1. Feeling blue?

While blue is a color associated with melancholy, nothing is tastier than a healthy blueberry cake. Blueberries are super food packed with nutrition, and combined with exotic purple orchids, that are guaranteed to drive away any melancholy. Moreover orchids signify love, beauty and refinement, and attaching a special note praising the person one wants to gift will add new meaning to feeing blue.

 Going all out

At times, one cannot really choose. All flowers are beautiful just as all flavors are tasty. For those wanting everything on their plate and bunches, opting for a mixed fruit cake with an assorted bunch of flowers can do the trick. These combinations are perfect for gifting colleagues, bosses, elderly or acquaintances. Perfect for the “Aur chahiye” Delhi crowd!

All of these combinations make for unique creative gifts that allow expressing feelings through their meaning. Choosing from the wide range of flowers and cakes available online, door-step delivery in Delhi and convenient payment options make it easier to get creative while gifting!

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