Financial Freedom in The Depth

Financial Freedom in The Depth

Can go anywhere, spending anything and do anything without having to work again. Yes it is a sense of Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom is often interpreted as a situation where a person has a lot of money. This is may be true, but not entirely. But beware of Financial Freedom Scam Trick, you should read, learn much about Financial Freedom Review before start this business. Let’s learn together when is financial is truly liberated.

Financial Freedom

In a village, there lived two young men who are friends with each other. The first young man named Dodi, the young man named Aji. Dodi was a manager of the renowned bank in the country. Dodi having an enormous income, around 2.000 USD per month. While Aji, just an ordinary Businessman, earns can be said to be about  750 USD per month.

For years they lived. It was time they both retire. When retired, Dodi is broket out, eventually he will now rent a house. Yet another case with Aji, who still live well and even happy. Aji works only from his home and do happy things everyday. So What distinguishes the two of them ?

Dodi, in this case is an employee. That somehow the income gained from work or arguably Active Income. While Aji is a businessman that have passive income, the income derived from the business, which at that time was to be left as it formed a system.

  • The point of Dodi: He works for the money, he stopped the work he had no money.
  • The point of Aji : He works he established the system while the money find another money for him, he stopped working he enjoys the money from the system that has been created. (Financial Freedom or Free Financial)

That’s when we describe the meaning of financial freedom.

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