Cannabis Has Various Benefits For Medical Purposes

Cannabis Has Various Benefits For Medical Purposes

Cannabis plant has a high fiber one of which can be utilized as one of the purposes in the manufacture of yarn, woven fabric because it has proven in the beginning is found made of hemp in Yangshao Henan province. The discovery of marijuana tree fibers used as thread turns has been proven that the twisted yarns are much stronger.

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 Besides having many benefits for textile purposes, cannabis also has various benefits for medical purposes, the hemp plant has many benefits, other benefits also for refreshing. Plant marijuana has medical functions very much compared to other plant species. One of them is useful to overcome glaucoma, constipation, difficulty urinating, reumathoid rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, depression, tetanus, dystonia, epilepsy, ostroporosis, cardiovascular and a strychnine.

Other uses are as a therapy using herbs (phytotherapeutic) Gehirg Lou disease, cancer and leukemia, migraine, herpes labialis, Post traumatic stress disorder, Tuberculosis (TB), multiple sclerosis, and infection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). as well as the many benefits one can get from a tree marijuana.

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